Hope and Renal Clinics for Ghana

Bring hope to children of parents who have a renal disease, when you help build clinics.

This project will help a lot of people especially the vulnerable within the Ghanaian community. The advent of HIV has devastated so many communities in West Africa and Ghana is no exception. There are many people with HIV and renal failure that need dialysis treatment, but given the shortage of medical facilities tailored to treat this delicate disease many end up dying. A visit to the general hospital in Ghana validates the point am making. People with renal disease go there for treatment but end up not getting the treatment because of limited facilities. Others are forced to sleep in the hall way to wait for their turn because they lack the funds to travel back and forth from their village to the hospital for treatment. Also many end up sleeping outside because they do not want to lose their spot in line for treatment.

I believe no one should leave like that, no one should have to leave a life of death sentence because of renal disease. The disease itself handicap people in looking for a job, farming or setting up a business to take care of their families but it should not be a death sentence because of lack of facilities.

My brother was sick and needed a renal treatment. He was transferred from the village to the capital because there were no renal clinic to treat him. When he got to Accra which is the capital he had to join the queue and ended up waiting for almost three days to get treatment. Even then I had to pay a bribe and 10 times more just for the doctor to see him and administer the treatment.

I realize that my actions were wrong, my actions might have put someone else life in jeopardy because my brother had to be moved to the front of the line because I can afford it. But what about the others?, what about those who don’t have anyone to pay for them to be moved to the front of the line?, are they sanctioned to die because they are poor and cant afford to “bribe” those corrupted officials in other to get treated?.

So I decided that I will use my building to help people. I will use this building to shine a light into the souls that have been abandon by society, to bring hope to fathers and mothers who through no fault of theirs have this disease, to bring hope to the children who leave in despair because their parents are sick and cannot afford to take care of them.

So this is the journey I have chosen for myself and for the past few years I have been slowly building this building that I hope will one day be a beacon of hope to so many people that needed a little helping hand and love to survive. After all what is the purpose of our life on this earth if we cant help each other. The greatest commission is to be each others keeper. Please join me to make this happen.

Kind Regards,

Theo Sowah

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