What We Do


God’s love shines hope even in the darkest corner…

We at Starmatchfund e

nvision that God’s love shines hope for those who find themselves in dire situations due to the unfortunate circumstances they find themselves in their own countries.


Be God’s instrument of His present and timely help…

We at Starmatchfund aim to be God’s instrument of His present and timely help when we facilitate with diligence and send the resources from our community of collaborators, thereby shine hope and animate God’s love to others around the globe.


What we do

We collaborate and partner with non-profits and donors to bring health and hope across the globe.

We facilitate the process by which non-profits could access basic life essentials especially medical supplies from corporate donors in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, while we seek financial backing from charitable groups and individuals to augment the shipment costs and transportation of these life-saving medicines, making sure they are received in time by those who are suffering in places all over the globe.

Hope at Hand

With timely facilitation as its competence, a philanthropic network as its available resource, and the recognition of its being instrumental in God’s mission, Starmatchfund matches the givers and the receivers such that through each other, the lines defining who is the giver and who is the receiver disappears, as both are provided access to the support needed to complete each other’s corporate and social campaign. As everyone acts upon their own mission to gather help for those who need it most, it is in working together that we witness to the hope that God’s love is present and at hand.